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How far along? 18 weeks today!

Baby Size: According to the Baby Center app, baby girl is about 5.5″ from head to rump (about the size of a bell pepper) and around 6.75 ounces.

Have You Started To Show Yet?: I feel like I just really started to “pop” in the last few days. Because I’m already plus size, I’m in that in-between where I could kind of disguise it as just having put on a few pounds, but it’s getting increasingly obvious that it’s just the belly. I’m also feeling my center of gravity start to shift and I’m arching my lower back to compensate.

Total Weight Gain: I’ve gained about 3-4 pounds (it fluctuates a bit). I had gained 5, but in the last couple weeks I lost a couple pounds. I talked with my midwife and reviewed how I’m feeling and what I’m eating, and she said everything was fine and that it probably had to do more with me craving produce so much lately as well as not snacking in the evening (it gives me heartburn).

Belly Button (in or out): In. My belly button never “popped” with Myles, so I don’t expect it will this time either.

Maternity Clothes: Not necessary yet (I can get by with big t-shirts/sweatshirts and sweatpants). I did get a couple of pairs of maternity leggings and wear them simply for comfort, though! It’s certainly one of the nice parts of working from home — I don’t have to have a professional wardrobe of maternity clothes!

Sleep: Say hello to the “mama bird nest”, as Mike has dubbed it! I hit a point where I couldn’t get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep in our shared bed, so I set up a twin bed and I’ve been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER. It’s kind of in the middle of my home office, but meh – who cares? It’s also right in front of the radiator, so it’s nice and cozy!

The pregnancy pillow is one of my favorite things ever and Mike and the kids have been fighting over who gets “dibs” on it after the baby comes. I’m not sure I’m going to give it up. Ever.

Best Moment of Week: Tuesday evening (at 17.5 weeks), I finally started feeling small flutters of baby movements! It wasn’t too obvious and I was second guessing myself, but the next day I started to feel the same sensation more often when I sat quietly and paid careful attention for it. I am SO EXCITED. Feeling the baby kick and move and hiccup has been one of the things I’ve most looked forward to!

Miss Anything?: I miss being able to bend over for more than a few seconds without feeling like I can’t breathe and my guts are getting squished. (Ugh.)

Movement: Felt the first little flutters this past week! Just very gentle “tickles” right now.

Food Cravings: Not “cravings” necessarily, but I’ve been especially enjoying salads and snacking on baby carrots — any fresh produce, really. I’ve also really been enjoying vanilla Greek yogurt with this specific Bear Naked Cacao and Cashew Butter granola mixed into it for breakfast. I’m also hooked on pink velvet iced lattes from Dunkin’ but I have to be careful to limit how much caffeine I have because -whelp- I’m a caffeine fiend and baby doesn’t need that!

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick?: This is a weird one but I have seen others say they’ve experienced it–when I go outside in really cold temps (like below 20 degrees Fahrenheit), then come back into the warm house I get “gaggy” and cough and sometimes get sick. Seeing food leftovers in the sink (thanks, preteen son that doesn’t clean up after doing dishes–lol) made me gag and throw up last night.

I also have to watch what I eat pretty carefully in terms of acidic or spicy foods because I’ve been having a lot of heartburn. Tums are my new BFF and I guess if old wives’ tales are to be believed, baby girl should have a beautiful head of hair!

Happy or Moody?: Mostly happy

Labor Signs: NO! We have lots of time to go before that!

Shopping/Nesting/Preparation: Our Valentine’s Day “date” was going to Target to finish setting up our registry and get our goodie bag of baby stuff. It’s been over a year (due to COVID) since I’ve been to Target (or any “big box” stores) so it was a really fun treat. While we were there, we also picked up some bodysuits and pajamas that were on clearance, as well as a cute little stuffed llama that was TOO soft to pass up.

I’ve also done a little online shopping as I’ve noticed good sales. I got our “bucket” car seat from Buy Buy Baby because it was on sale ($50 off) plus I had a 20% off coupon. I picked up a cute backpack-style diaper bag and a baby ring sling on both sale from Amazon.

I also found some of Myles’ baby things. I found my Ergo baby carrier from when Myles was little, as well as a bunch of burp cloths and baby wash cloths. I was most excited that his baby swing cleaned up well (after being stored in the back of our garage for almost 5+ years) and still works!

Looking Forward To (in Week 18): I’m looking forward to feeling the baby (hopefully!) move more. I have a second appointment with my midwife later in the week. I also celebrate my -ahem- 39th birthday this week. (EEK!)