Mother of 3

Mother of 3

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The infamous “they” say that the most challenging number of children to parent is three. I have to admit, that was one of the first things that went through my mind when I found out that I was pregnant with Helena. I’ve always been the type to think, yeah but that won’t be ME.

So far, I can’t say that I find three to be difficult specifically. I think our three are a little different because of the dramatic difference in ages (13, 8, and infant). Mike and I have talked before about how with our oldest two, it’s more like having two only-children. I wonder as Helena gets older if it will be like having three only-children?!

What has been challenging is having a newborn again. I’m one of those mothers that holds her babies “too much” and you can’t put them down. I have zero regrets about that because as my great gram always said, “babies don’t keep” – BUT, it does make it very challenging to get anything done. Some days I feel like we are barely treading water in terms of keeping the household going. Dishes done. Everyone is fed. That’s about it.

Laundry piles up. Dust is everywhere. Clutter is … cluttery. It’s driving me absolutely BANANAS.

I’ve had to accept that it’s OKAY to ask for help and that doesn’t somehow knock me off my “super mom” pedestal. This Friday I asked my mom to come over and keep me company and play with the baby so I can get some tidying done. She’s excited to play with Helena, and I’m excited to have my hands free to dust and vacuum. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to clean my house.

And you know, keeping it all in perspective — if a cluttered house is the biggest challenge we’re facing right now, we’re doing pretty well and should give ourselves some grace. Right?

I find myself constantly looking at our three kids and wondering HOW this is my life? I grew up in a very small family and always thought it would be really nice to have a big family someday. While three isn’t “big” by many standards, it makes my heart feel very full and happy. I also love to see Ben and Myles with their little sister. They both adore her and fuss over her constantly. I have no doubt that someday when Mike and I are long gone, that her brothers will be there to look out for her. ❤️