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A couple weeks ago when we had our ultrasound done, I also had blood drawn to be send for a SneakPeek clinical test. We got our results back later that week, and the email had the fun animated GIF reveal below. I’m SO excited to announce…

Our sons were both fist-pumping excited when we showed them. They were hoping for a baby sister, and the whole family has been hoping for a girl. (We have a lot of boys in the family, and not many girls.) Obviously, we’d have been happy either way, but this makes things even more exciting.

My mother has busied herself with unpacking all the dresses and outfits she saved from when I was little. There’s a shocking amount that has survived the last 30+ years. I’ve been having to restrain myself from ordering ALL the pink and lavender outfits that I lay eyes upon. (Oh, I am such a sucker for ruffle-butt pants and obnoxiously frilly dresses!)

I’ve also been very excited at the prospect of Disney princesses, unicorns, bows, and eventually tiny little piggy tails! Of course, with my luck, our little girl will prefer brother’s Transformers and Hot Wheels–and that will be just fine too–but I have to admit I’m looking forward to more girlie things if it works out that way. I have no room to talk, after all. I was an avid He-Man collector as a kid, but I also loved My Little Pony and dolls of all sorts. I guess being well-rounded is a good thing!