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YOU GUYS. I just about lost my mind this morning while listening to this YouTube video of Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes unboxing the new Masters of the Universe Origins action figures.

Did I ever mention that I was obsessed with He-Man as a kid? He-Man, The Neverending Story, and My Little Pony were probably my favorites in the pantheon of 1980s childhood goodness. I liked She-Ra too, but He-Man was really my number one man. I had all the figures, Castle Greyskull, Snake Mountain, and even a He-Man sword, shield, and plastic-muscles for dress-up. The latter caused my mother to get a lot of side-eye from older family members when she allowed me to run around the house dressed as a hyper-masculine, jacked warrior rather than encouraging me to dress up as a pretty princess. (Yay Mom for being woke before “woke” was a thing!)

Apparently no photographic evidence of my He-Man outfit exists. But here I am with my grandma in 1985 showing off my She-Ra costume instead.

I’ve been closely following Kevin Smith’s announcements regarding MOTU: Revelation (due out in 2021 on Netflix) but somehow I hadn’t heard they were re-releasing figures done in the 1980s style.

But getting back to these new toys… y’all… the packaging. Bestill my nostalgic heart!

… And they even still come with comic books!

He-Man and Battle Cat are definitely going on my Christmas wish list this year. Perhaps Teela and Evil-Lyn too. I remember those being some of my favorite figures as a kid.