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Updated March 1, 2022

  • I’m 40. FORTY. I turned the big four-oh on February 24. Does this mean I’m an adult now?
  • Mike and my friends and family organized a surprise party for me the weekend before my birthday. It was fantastic! I’ll have to write a blog post and share more and post pictures.
  • The countdown to baby goats has begun! The earliest possible due date is March 21, so there are only a few more weeks to go. I’m giving everyone their CD&T boosters and supplements this week so they’ll be ready to go. Springtime and baby goats are two of my most favorite things in life and with both around the corner, I am a very happy girl.

📺 Watching | Ozark and the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

🎧 Listening | Nothing new here… just my same ol’ favorite podcasts.

📖 ReadingWritten in the Stars (a birthday gift!)

📷 Gear | THIS VACUUM. Omg. If you have pets that shed (or family members that shed for that matter), buy this vacuum NOW. My old vacuum was constantly clogged and/or the bar would get wrapped with hair and then the belt would pop off. This vacuum just plows through it all and doesn’t clog or get tangled. Just a tip, though: watch the price, it fluctuates almost daily. Today it is $270, and when I ordered mine a week ago, it was $215.
Also, THIS COFFEE MAKER. It’s my other new favorite thing EVER.

📱 App | Nothing new or exciting.

Inspired by Derek Sivers